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You will learn in a fun, love filled, open and interactive way. I will probably play LaCrae and Taylor Swift. Hopefully you’ll laugh (a lot), you might even cry, truth is, I’ve been known to cry! We’ll take selfies and get to know each other. It’s amazing!


Over coffee, or tea, and cookies, we will dive into your personal values. Your values influence what you do, how you think, and how you feel about the world around you. However, your values change over time – and develop as you change. Through games, laughter, and activities we will discover what motivates and drives you. Most programs run 90 days (3 months), are group based, and allow you to participate via online.

Service Features

Vision Board Workshop

What they are:
• A masterclass in learning the tools, secrets and method I have used to successfully transform my life!
• They change lives. I’ve watched it happen. That’s not cocky, it’s just facts.
• Learning this will change your life!

What they are NOT:
• Crafting sessions.
• They are NOT a light-hearted, mindless exercise in rummaging through random magazines to find photos that don’t relate to your life!
• This is NOT a Law of Attraction class.

Motivation & Movement Workshop

Who doesn’t need a little inspiration and motivation to get out of a rut every now and then? When we work hard growing our businesses while also balancing our personal lives, we can often times get lost in the shuffle.
When you hit moments like this, you need to break up the monotony. Give yourself something new to focus on that will inspire you. Or simply focus on something that is lacking in your business or personal life. Creating a Self-Challenge is just the thing that can spark some creativity and put some excitement back into your life.

Productivity & Time Management

Productivity is defined as “the effectiveness of productive effort, especially in industry, as measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input.” There are only 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour, and 60 seconds in a minute. If you live 60 years, you will have lived 525,600 minutes.
While you can lose and gain money, esteem, friends, possessions and more, the one commodity you can never get back is time. Improving productivity helps you get more accomplished in less time, allowing you more time to go about enjoying the 525,600 minutes you have.

A Better You Program

Are you living a life that you love? Do you want to wake up in the morning looking forward to the day ahead? Would you like to take action to revitalize your life?

I know how challenging it can be to make shifts in our lives. With me by your side, we’ll carry out a step-by-step ‘spring cleaning’ of your life so you can live the joyful, passionate life you deserve to be living.

This program is designed to guide you through a 3 step process over a course of 90 days. You will get to the heart of what’s holding you back so you can reset your habits and refresh your life.

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