Just the thought of making and being accountable for goals used to terrify me.

Not anymore. Why? I learned the important lesson of seeing the big picture, about paying attention to the details. I’m a details kind of person. I like details. The little things. And when I realized that goals could be little, I jumped with joy. Well, maybe I didn’t really jump, but I did a mental happy dance ?

So, let’s get into my goals…

First I chose a power word for 2016. My word? Strong. My Bible describes strong as having the capacity for endurance or exertion.

Having the capacity. I like the sound of that. Capacity. It just sounds big. Capacity; capable. I can do it.

Endurance is the ability to withstand hardship or adversity; to carry on despite suffering.

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I can endure. I am Strong.

And my goals followed that word:

  • Strong self-image
    • take time to put on some makeup
    • remember to follow a skin care routine
    • get more active
  • Strong body
    • less/fewer processed foods (let’s not get too radical and cut them all out!)
    • more water
    • more fruits & vegetables
  • Strong mind
    • read for fun
    • read more study guides
    • enjoy my fiction
  • Strong life
    • regular family Bible studies
    • more activities together
    • be more active on my blog

These aren’t monumental goals. They are daily choices to be more strong, to be more active, to be more involved. When we realize that a goal doesn’t have to be so big, it becomes easier to set more of them!

Wanna share your goals? Head over and read my post about giving myself permission

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